Kayla Cherkas


“There are three responses to a piece of design

yes, no and WOW!

Wow is the one to aim for”

- Milton Glaser

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Developer Portal


The Brief:

While I was working for POWERSHiFTER, TELUS was looking to redesign their land developers web experience for residential and commercial developers and customers. This was to help with the process of integrating TELUS PureFibre lines into new and existing construction.


My Role: Project Management

The Client: TELUS


The Challenge:

Their website was outdated, cluttered, not progressive, did not lend itself well to developer self-service, easy engagement or end-user interaction. The website needed to outline technical requirements for new construction and provide guidance on working with TELUS in an immersive manner and provide information for customers on which developers are working with TELUS.


The Outcome:

Since our redesign, their website is now a clear and easy experience for developers and customers throughout their project life cycles.

You can go to the website to see for yourself here