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“There are three responses to a piece of design

yes, no and WOW!

Wow is the one to aim for”

- Milton Glaser

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Fostering Truth


The Brief:

Fostering Truth is a collaborative project with Vancouver Film School students and Tyee Solutions Society about the link between foster care and homelessness.

For my graduate project, I wanted to focus on both branding and project management while gaining more experience with working alongside a team. Pairing up with two of my classmates and a real client achieved much more than that. Tyee Solutions Society was working in a journalistic series and we were provided 3 briefs: 7 profile stories, the education and work and residential schools.


My Role: Branding, Project Management

The Client: Tyee Solutions Society


My Challenge:

The issue at hand was that traditional long-format journalism is less frequently read than it used to be. We needed to find a way to engage readers and viewers with the impact and social complexity around the foster care system and homelessness while also keeping to these core values:

  • Trustworthy

  • Neutral

  • Conscious

In addition to this we knew that:

  • This was a sensitive topic

  • Journalism/editorial versus awareness campaign was an ongoing battle


The Outcome:

We were able to bring great stories to life with social importance, reach wide audiences and offer solutions in the form of a full branding strategy, an interactive micro-site and a promotional motion piece. We succeeded in:

  • Not making the piece sad and over emotional

  • Not attacking or turning people against the system

  • Informing and giving the facts

  • Staying focused on the truth

  • Making the youth relate to the topic

  • Getting people to talk about it

  • Sharing it and bringing it to the media’s attention

  • Making it innovative and fresh

Check out the motion piece below and the full website here



Vancouver Film School - Social Impact Award



Sandra Ramirez Tirado – Interactive Design, Code

Sebastian Guerrero Almaguer - Motion Design

Juan Carlos Aguirre - Sound Design

Roxanne Hamilton - Voice Over Actress

Craig Wilson - Rough Voice Over

Zachary Thompson - 1st Draft Script

Katia Alvarez - 4th Draft Script