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“There are three responses to a piece of design

yes, no and WOW!

Wow is the one to aim for”

- Milton Glaser

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The Dregs


The Brief:

While attending Vancouver Film School, our Motion Design 4 leading project was to create a motion graphics title sequence to showcase brilliant use of proficiency and creativity.


My Role: Project Management, Producer, Production Design, Storyboarding, Editing, Motion Design, AD

The Client: Vancouver Film School


The Synopsis:

The story is about a homeless man who tries to reclaim his former life in the media by saving the homeless community nicknamed, by the media, “The Dregs”. The title sequence showcases the villain kidnapping his first victim. He is dragged through the forest and mud, unconscious. Beatings, fighting, fear and alias submission ripple through the entire sequence.


The Challenge:

We needed to create a motion graphics title sequence displaying design, typography, branding, animation, photography and conceptual skill, all within a limited time frame and zero budgets. On top of this, my classmate, Laura Hernandez, and I teamed up together to create something completely out of our comfort zones and different than anything we did in the past.


The Outcome:

We worked with writer Zack Thompson and a script he wrote which drew influence from the suspense/thriller genre. We were able to successfully make the audience feel like the victim with the use of specific point of view camera angles and by the use of dark, dirty and vibrant treatments. Through the challenges of pulling a film crew together, to filming on location, and finally compiling and editing footage we created a title sequence we are proud of.



Vancouver Film School – Nominee for Best Motion Design DD25



Laura Hernandez - Effects, Typography, Catering

Chad Costen - Camera/Director

Joey Van Alten - Sound Design and Mix

Jamie Mathieson - Actor

Zachary Thompson - Script Writer, Actor

Shen Lin - DOP

Sarah Elizabeth Miller - Make-up Artist, Costume

Thomas Emann - Grip, Camera Op.

Benjamin Niefer - PA

Bill Bhatti - PA