Kayla Cherkas


“There are three responses to a piece of design

yes, no and WOW!

Wow is the one to aim for”

- Milton Glaser

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Voltko Vodka


The Brief:

During our Packaging class while at Vancouver Film School, the final deliverable was a fully designed and implemented product package prototype.


My Role: Branding, Package Design

The Client: Vancouver Film School


The Challenge:

In order to create a successful product package prototype, I needed to create something that would stand out on a shelf – regardless of the bombardment of other similar products.


The Outcome:

Using my deeper understanding of the hierarchy of information in a branding and packaging context, I was able to conceptualize Voltko Vodka. I’ve always been a big fan of branding that has a rich story about its creation/past and incorporating that into this vodka brand was a no brainer. It exudes elegance, class and sophistication that is drawn from the film noir genre. Read the brand story below to learn more.


The Story:

Some say love is what maintains everything alive. True or not, it’s thanks to love that this traditional Vodka still breathes today. It all began in Ukraine, where Olek Voloski learned from his father the art of brewing homemade potato vodka; a recipe proudly passed down through generations. Later on in 1925, after immigrating to New York at the height of prohibition, Voloski continued the tradition despite the dangers, perfecting the recipe further with the highest quality of potatoes and enriched ingredients. He soon found love in the form of a feisty young burlesque dancer, nicknaming her “Zolotko”, meaning the golden one in Ukrainian. They used to say their romance was a love-infused whirlwind, which sadly ended when he was murdered by the mob. Zolotko, who always admired Voloski’s passion for his potato vodka, believed it was the best in the city and continued the art in his memory. Years later, after the end of the prohibition, she decided to share his vodka with the masses, and passionately gave it a name infused with a bit of him and a bit of her: Voloski and Zolotko became Voltko Vodka.



Katia Alvarez - 2nd draft of the brand story